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Bethany Wilson gameplay animation demo reel

Currently I am a fourth year computer arts student at Abertay University looking for work once I graduate this spring/summer, I am a gameplay/character animator. I have always been interested in animation and my time at university has fueled this love and has helped me decide that I want to primarily work in games, on the animations that are seen each time the players play them. I've always wanted to make a difference to people and I plan to use my animations to do so, I feel as though animation done is a key factor to selling games and enhancing the experience the player will have as this helps to immerse the players in feeling like they are the one in control and that they are this character they are controlling.

Within this showreel various projects are featured, including the current state of my final university project which currently has the player able to move smoothly throughout this area. In the future I will be adding various interactions between the player and their companion to play with and enhance the idea that these interactions can be pushed further from some games that we have seen in recent years. The idea is to make these characters feel real and for the players to create a bond with both characters. I have also included clips from side projects like the character climbing up a box and a fight scene, these are both projects that I had not had a lot of experience with but felt the need to work upon as I felt I had a lot of blind spots within my skills. Doing this has helped me greatly in understanding timings and weight along with how to animate interactions with other people and the environment.